Bringing it all together

Design is essentially a means of communication, the physical embodiment of an idea, the solution to a problem. Delivered with a thorough knowledge of materials, processes, technology, logic and functionality with an aesthetic eye and an understanding of user perceptions.

The tools have changed but the need to communicate with customers has never been greater. BIB Design brings together industrial design, illustration and animation services to fulfil that need.

With a wealth of experience bringing ideas to life, a philosophy to always seek the innovative, the sustainable and the most effective solution, BIB Design has generated concepts that help build strong bonds between clients and their customers with designs that can both surprise and endure.




Industrial design covers a wide range of skills and development stages necessary for the successful translation of an initial idea to a finished product.

Not every product requires every stage and some clients may already have some facilities in place in house.

BIB design offers a tailor made service for each client to supplement and enhance their skills bringing many years experience with a wide range of projects.


Mixer desk graphic



Illustrations generated from 3D data can reveal far more than a photograph or be used to present virtual products where no physical model exists.

Extensively used to get feedback on concepts, promote ideas to potential markets, explain how products fit together or how they look in their proposed environment.

Using exploded views, cutaways, colour ways, product graphics, photographic references and virtual studios they are informative, infinitely controllable and attention grabbing.




Reels, stories, websites, exhibition displays... as a method of explaining your product in the shortest space of time, animations or explainer videos are becoming an essential vehicle for effective communication and support, wherever a screen is to hand.

Product builds, correct methods of use, fly throughs, simulations, the possibilities are extensive and wide ranging.

Created from 3D data, edited and mixed with text and sound for a more informed experience, promoting your ideas and products to a global audience



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DJ mixer
Landsaver Hydroponics container
Travel shaving kit
Omnidirectional speaker
Personal Oxygen Generator
Stereo power Amp
BAA illuminated Signage
Home diagnostics device
Hemp luxury suitcase
High resolution PA Speaker
Ultra Systems ECM machine
portable office case
1U Hifi components
Eye tracker
Robot mascot
3D modelling Synthesizer
Stereo bookshelf speaker
Soft leather bag
Desking System
Hi resolution stereo speaker
CASPA C02 absorber
Filing cabinet
MTB Graphics
Emergency oxygen candle
Cinema amplifier
BAA Airport house style
Denture / retainer case
car stereo and console
sodalime absober module
Goodhand Clamps
Rugged oxygen generator
Power Amp
Mountain Bike graphics
Solar powered extractor
Steam Ironing board
Roller trays
anti-doping Graphics
CO2 absorber module
Thermal seed drier
DJ monitor
Absorber cutaway
Omni speaker
office wall light